Our Approaches


This approach addresses violence from the perspective of human rights, emphasizing the protection and promotion of human rights as a fundamental means to prevent and respond to violence. It acknowledges that all individuals are entitled to certain basic rights, and violence undermines these rights. This approach empowers the most vulnerable individuals and supports them to know their human rights. It is aware of the various discriminatory practices and challenges that come across while the vulnerable populations try to access their rights. The Rights Based Approach is routed in the legal and political measures of a country. It is not only rooted in that but it also encourages women to exercise their rights at the forefront through its aim to strengthen the citizenship model. This approach has to be contextualized by the practitioners based on the area of their intervention to increase its strength. This approach is multi sectoral and comprehensive.


This approach recognizes that punitive measures alone are insufficient to address the complex issue of violence in society. By promoting empathy, understanding, and support for individuals affected by violence, this approach seeks to break the cycle of harm and create more compassionate and just communities. This approach believes in active involvement of the stakeholders throughout the project cycle starting from planning up until the termination stage. This approach is collaborative and puts the people first. There isn’t any ‘us’ versus ‘them’ thinking. There is an emphasis on how different perspectives matter when it comes to planning any kind of interventions for violence prevention and response. This approach is essentially used by humanitarian actors to understand and ensure that the perspective of violence survivors remains central throughout the project.