Project Samavesh (Inclusion)

Project Samavesh (Inclusion)

Project Samavesh aims to prevent, cure and promote. The issue of violence is addressed from 3 of these angles. It aims to assist in the initial treatment of burn victims (including children) from marginalized and low socio-economic backgrounds. This provides immediate financial aid in

the initial recovery to prevent further serious injuries to the victims and survivors. This is the primary step taken in the rehabilitation of the victims and survivors.
When needed we also aim to provide trauma informed psychological and psychosocial support. 
We also aim to support the survivors we have/had supported previously for their reconstructive plastic surgery. The prevention and sensitization part of the project aims to benefit the victims and survivors by conducting awareness and sensitization programs directly but it also indirectly is for the school and college students to help them learn about gender based violence and rights of victims and survivors. It is important for the stakeholders to be sensitized and trauma informed when they interact with the victims and survivors. It is essential for them to be aware about how to communicate, what to ask and whom to refer to for further support. This awareness helps to make the recovery and rehabilitation process more victim and survivor friendly. 


Project Samavesh has a three fold intervention strategy which includes:

  1. Awareness and Sensitization Program

The areas of intervention of this project are Pharping, Dakshinkali Municipality, Kathmandu, and Nepalgunj. In Pharping the project is running with the collaboration of Shikharapur Community Learning Center. The project aims to conduct Awareness Programs on ‘Gender Equality’ in 5 schools and colleges. It plans to provide a ‘Gender Sensitization’ program to the police departments of the respective areas and also provide Essential Burn Care (EBC) Training to the Health Post Workers of the respective Areas. 


  1. Medical and Psycho-Social Counseling Support

Medical support is a cornerstone of our efforts in this project, especially for survivors of acid and burns violence (ABV) and others impacted by violence. We ensure access to quality medical care and rehabilitation services, tailored to meet their specific needs. Psycho-social counseling forms an integral part of our support, offering a safe and compassionate environment for survivors to address their emotional and psychological challenges.


  1. Capacity Building of First Responders

Considering the importance of trauma-informed care, we are conducting training programs for first responders namely police, healthcare providers, and others in the community to enhance their knowledge and sensitivity, aimed at creating a supportive environment for survivors to seek help during their time of need.