Astitwa Nepal is a non-profit organization founded in 2018 which is working in the sector of acid and burn violence (ABV). We are persevering with our goals to support acid and burn survivors with our four different programs: education scholarship, medical and psycho- counseling support, skill-based training, and awareness program. Our programs are aimed towards motivating and guiding survivors towards their enrichment. We assist burn survivors during and after the rigorous challenges in their recovery phase.

The prime value of Astitwa Nepal is to respect the individuality of the survivors and guide them on their journey to self-acceptance and self- exploration, an initial step towards their self-empowerment.


Our Objectives

  • To rehabilitate the lives of acid and burn survivors after the burn injury resulting from violence, accidents, homicide, and attempted suicide. 
  • To assists survivors during and after their recovery on a physical, emotional and spiritual level through medicinal and psychological care.
  • To support the survivors and their children, with provisions of the educational scholarship program and vocational training programs.
  • To conduct awareness programs for avoiding injuries and minimizing the burn violence