Empower and support survivors of acid and burn violence.

To support the burn survivors and their children, with our provision of the educational scholarship program, job placements and training programs, and medical support.

To assist burn survivors during and after the rigorous challenges in their recovery.

To conduct awareness programs about the intensity of the impact of Acid and Burn Violence (ABV) and the underlying causes which are rooted in our society.


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Education Scholarship Program

The scholarship is targeted towards bridging the gap of educational attainment of burn/acid survivors and their children providing them with educational fees and school supplies.

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Medical and Psycho-Counseling Support

Burn and acid injuries can take an acute form depending on the degree of burn. We provide medical assistance to acid and burn survivors as it is the very first phase where support is crucial. 

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Training and Job Placement

We provide skill-based training and job opportunities to burn and acid survivors which play a fundamental role in boosting their confidence, capacity building and increase frontiers of income-generating opportunities.

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Awareness Program

Acid and Burn violence (ABV) is a very critical form of violence prevalent in our society. We aim to create awareness amongst people about the intensity of the impact of ABV and the underlying causes which are rooted in our society.