To rehabilitate the life of burn/acid survivors resulting from violence, accidents, homicide, and attempted suicide.

To support the burn survivors and their children, with our provision of educational scholarship program, vocational training programs, and nutritional support

To assist burn survivors during and after the rigorous challenges in their recovery phase on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, through medicinal and psychological care.

Demonstrating how to avoid burn injuries and how we can work to end burn violence.



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Educational Scholarship Program

Our educational programs support seven children of burn survivors and provide them with educational fees (admission fees, monthly fees, and examination fees) and school materials (stationery supplies, dress, and bags).

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Counseling and Psycho-therapy Program

We currently have ten burns/acid survivors involved in our counseling and psychotherapy sessions, where they learn the tools necessary to help them cope with the physical, mental and emotional stressors resulting from their trauma.

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Non- formal education

Survivors are receiving vocational training courses in make-up artistry, jewelry, craft design, and sewing techniques.

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Vocational Training Programs

Two burn survivors are attaining non-formal education classes which include Basic English, Mathematics, Business, and Social studies.